KD Academy Parents

This section is a quick reference guide for parents, guardians and carers of children attending KD Academy at any of our locations. Covering term dates, uniform and special events.


The current and forthcoming term dates are as follows:


Saturday Schools:
2nd September – 2nd December 2023 (excluding 28th October)
6th January – 23rd March 2024 (excluding 24th February)
20th April – 13th July 2024 (excluding 1st June)

Friday School:
1st September – 1st December 2023 (excluding 27th October)
5th January – 22nd March 2024 (excluding 23rd February)
19th April – 12th July 2024 (excluding 31st May)


Saturday Schools:
7th September – 14th December 2024 (excluding 2nd November)
11th January – 29th March 2024 (excluding 22nd February)
26th April – 12th July 2025 (excluding 31st May)

Friday School:
6th September – 13th December 2024 (excluding 1st November)
10th January – 28th March 2025 (excluding 21st February)
25th April – 11th July 2025 (excluding 30th May)


We hope that a reminder of the following upcoming dates in the KD Academy calendar is helpful.

12th – 16th August 2024
SUMMER SCHOOL 2024 (Ross Peers Centre)

23rd August 2024
West End Masterclass (Harlow)


As always, every week at the academy, all students must wear full KD uniform, bring along plenty of water to drink and also a snack for our break. Please ensure they have a pencil and notepad and remember to bring any lyrics, or scripts that have been handed out on previous weeks. We recommend having a folder to keep all of their lyrics or scripts in each week.


How can you get more involved with KD Academy? Chaperoning is a vital part of putting our shows together and we reach out to all our parents and carers to get involved! If you’re keen to join us backstage for our upcoming productions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

“Being a chaperone is my way of saying thank you to all the amazing KD staff and students who work so hard to put on a show. I know the shows can’t happen without licensed chaperones in place, so it’s a pleasure to play my part in helping get the show to the stage! It’s brilliant seeing how much the young people get from the experience – how their confidence increases, the new friendships they make with students from different academies and how much fun they have. They’re always such a pleasure and so rewarding to work with!”

“I absolutely LOVE chaperoning. All the children are great, and seeing how passionate they are about their time on stage and how well they support each other behind the scenes, makes watching them on stage in the audience even more heartwarming! I believe every parent should give up at least one of their days to experience what goes on behind the scenes as it isn’t until you’ve done this you realise how much work goes into it, not only the children but all the staff.”


Here you can access tickets for all the latest Academy productions as well as some of KD Theatre’s professional productions.